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Finance Capital

Ludlow Investment Group (subsidiary of SJE Enterprises) represents multiple Private Equity Companies. This allows us to assist your investment plans! Whether you're looking to finance Rehab Properties, a Fix 'n Flip, Fix 'n Hold or other property investments, call Steve Engstrom today! 239.206.9423

Rent to own your next home.  When the bank says no, we say yes.  Lock in today's "sale" pricing, let your credit heal, and purchase in the future. We offer a way to recover from the economic downturn with no bank needed.

We Lend
  • Non-Owner Occupied Properties

  • Residential 1-4 units

  • Properties with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms or less

  • Properties with 2800sq ft or less

  • Properties with a lot size of 1/2 acre or less

  • Minimum loan amount $30,000

Short Term Bridge Loans
  • No Minimum Credit Scores

  • We cover 90% of the purchase price/amount owed

  • We cover 110% of your rehab budget

  • Our max LTV is 65%

  • Cash out loans we are capped at 50% LTV or $75,000 (whichever is less)

  • The length of the loan ranges from 6-12 months

  • Our annual interest rates range from 8% to 15%

  • Origination points range from 0-5

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Private Funds Eligibility  (not limited to)
  • Pre-approved finds

  • Competitive rates (We will price match deals that fit our guidelines)

  • Funding for both large and small loan amounts

  • longer term loans for rehab and cash flow deals

  • Cross-Collateral or Partnerships on higher LTV loans

  • Financing on seller-carry hybrids deals

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